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Broadband delay in set up

Does anyone have any idea how to contact head office not via the customer services number?


My parents, who are both over 70 and house-bound due to Covid and rely totally on a working BB service for communication and the ability to order food, have had their old broadband service disconnected by NOW and on the day they were due to go live with their new service, and only after investigating the lack of internet signal, found out it's been delayed 12 days as they haven't got any engineers to install???


Despite being on their vulnerable list, no one in customer service seem at all interested in helping out, and are trying to fob them off with delay after delay.


Customer service have promised to escalate, nothing has happened.

On chasing, they promise to call back, no call comes.


It's shocking and I can't believe that a company would treat any customer in this manner, least of all people whom they are supposed to be prioritising.  


Any suggestions on how to get this complaint escalated to someone who will listen and act gratefully received. 

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OK, you really only have two options here as there is no 'Head Office' phone line you can use. 


1. Make a formal Complaint here:


2. Phone the NowTV Broadband helpline number here: 0330 041 2480


Good luck and I hope they sort it quickly for you.