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Broadband availability checker incorrect?

Hi. I am having issues with the availability checker. If I put my new address in I get a message saying the service is 'unavailable' at that address. However, if i put the neighbours either side or across the road the service is indeed available.

The property/line is fine with Sky, BT, Plus Net, TalkTalk etc, but for some reason Now says no. The previous owners had EE internet via the BT line.

All the houses on my street are directly connected to the exchange and all the lines are bunched together in to one single trunk back to the exchange. Openreach are in the process of interecpting the lines for the whole street and diverting to a brand new cabinet to allow FTTC, however this is not happening as yet just planned by BDUK. 

I was hoping to get the ADSL service from Now, but am not able to due to the checker refusing my address, but happy to accept the houses either side and across the road - all of which i know for certain terminate in the exchange and are like for like.

Any ideas, or can anyone check if the address checker is having a database issue?


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