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Broadband Speed 30Mbps instead of 60Mbps

I'm subscribed to Super Fibre so should supposedly get 63 Mbps DS but I'm far off the mark with the 30 Mbps I'm actually getting. That is my laptop directly plugged into the router. I was quite surprised as I was always under the impression that my "network" might slow things down due to switches/powerlines in between. But I guess this test has clearly shown that this is not the issue.


Before I start the process of reaching out to NowTW which as I learnt from this forum can be tedious, I would like to understand whether the statistics below are any cause for concern why I should not be getting closer to the promised 63 Mbps. Any guidance is appreciated!


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Re: Broadband Speed 30Mbps instead of 60Mbps



What is your guaranteed minimum speed?

I would estimate you are below it.

Your noise margin downstream should be between 3-6db not 13db. Give now broadband a call and ask for a line test and possible engineer visit

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