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Broadband Issues

Okay, so I don't know who is the issue, whether it's Now TV or OpenReach but there is ALWAYS an issue when getting set up. I recently moved home and the first appointment no show up, second seemed fine and that it'd be up in a couple hours... Nearly two weeks later, nothing, THIRD visit, the guy came and said he is only trained on lines, not broadband.... When I said that was my issue when speaking to now tv. Can't seem to find the now tv phone number anymore so I have to deal with a forum or a stupid bot that is NO help. So I have absolutely no idea if there is another appointment scheduled or if I'm stupidly sat waiting for nothing. I have already been charged for the broadband being active... Same issues happened last house, over 5 visits until I had Internet sorted. When the Internet is working its great, it's just the set up for it is ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL and is the only reason I am considering cancelling 

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Check out the below link, you'll find a number for broadband.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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one phone number is 03300412480..bad for finding phone numbers and live chat doesnt work..reset your router make sure you have phone line plugged in and put it on rthernet cable until it connects..have you set up computer or other items with router connection code ,,