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Broadband Flakey

Hi I've been with Now TV for several months and up until a week or so ago I've had great internet speeds. Recently I've started to have slow page loads and long buffering on sites uch as youtube. I've also had it it drop connection more than once. I ran several speedtests and the download speed seems to be acceptable at aprox 22mbs (however it has previously been over 30mbs when I was with BT and when I initially changed to Now TV) The upload speed has dropped to between 0.23 - 0.50 I know that it was much higher at the begging but I can't remember the axact figures, but something in the region of 5 - 6mbs


I've ran the chack via the NOW TV website and apparently everything os OK, But it's not. How do I resolve this issue?


Openreach have a habbit of messing with the local cabinet, fixing one problem only to cause someone eles and issue and they've been messing around at the cabinet and the telephone poles lately, I'm a bit suspicious loosened something!

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