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Broadband Activation Query



Today is my broadband activation day and I know it will be up until midnight for me to have full service but should the router have all 3 lights show as green anyway? Currently the internet light is not showing, which makes sense as I don’t have service, but the booklet doesn’t advise on this. I get the router check landing page when I try to connect (again probably because the line hasn’t gone live but I want to double check).



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Hi @Anonymous User 


When there is no internet service or there is an issue with the internet, the middle light on the front of the NowTV Hub Router will be either off, showing amber or flashing amber.


Just leave the NowTV Hub Router plugged in and switched on and wait until you see the solid green middle light which then means the internet has gone live and you are ready to go.


I have done three NowTV switch overs and activations and from memory the earliest went live around 2pm and the latest was around 8pm.


Hopefully fingers crossed, you will be up & running before the end of the day.