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Broadband Activation Delay

My wifi was due to be active from 22nd August and as of today (7th September) wifi is still not active with no updates. I have been repeatedly been told that it is a problem with Openreach and I can do nothing but wait for them to resolve it. When I called NowTV for the 9th time on Thursday 3rd was told that I had been escalated with openreach as 'priority' and an engineer would be out within 48 working hours. The limit of this would have been today, and I have had zero correspondence on whether an engineer will be arriving. When I contacted NowTV I was told yet again I'd have to 'wait for an update from openreach, another one is due tomorrow' and was told that NowTV cannot actively go after an update, all we can do is wait. 


We are now more than 2 weeks without wifi after our activation date with zero updates - after many hours on the phone to NOWTV the solution every single time is that we just have to wait for an openreach update. I have never ever received any email or text updates, nor can I track my order on my account on the website (it opens a blank screen). After 2 weeks and a huge amount of correspondence, I have had no progression and still am just being told to be patient and wait for openreach in different words and by a different person on the phone every day. 

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@Anonymous User 

What you are perfectly allowed to do is shop around for another broadband provider like BT for example if you are not getting anywhere with Now TV. 


One thing to bare in mind is the OpenReach deal with all broadband apart from Virgin Medias cables. 


Now TV are normally just the middle men in terms of getting your broadband up and running. That being said you most likely will be bettre updated if you were to choose BT. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help