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Broadband 2 hub firewall configuratikn

I want to fully block one device (IP address) on my LAN from accessing the jnternet.  To cannot find any settings available to be able to go this when I log onto my router.  How can I do it?



Why not just turn its WiFi off, or unplug its Ethernet cable, if wired?

But internal IP addresses are transient things; if you blocked one, DHCP would just give the device a new IP address. So  you would need to block its MAC address to achieve what you want.

I’m not sure the Now router supports this, though;

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That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
Scholar 2


@RoyB is correct that MAC address filtering is unfortunately not available on the NOW Hub so in order to block one single connected device from accessing the internet you will need to allocate it a static IP address then block inbound and outbound traffic to/from said address.

To set a static IP address from the NOW Hub go to 'Advanced > LAN IP Setup > Address Reservation', and allocate the chosen device a specific IP address.

To block this IP address next go to 'Security > Firewall Rules' then under both 'Outbound Services' and 'Inbound Services' add a new rule to always block all services to that specific IP address.