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Blink system not connecting


I'm at my whits end here and wondered if anyone had a similar issue and found a solution


I have purchased a blink video door bell and mini cameras for my home and I cannot seem to get a single one of them to connect to my NOW TV broadband Wi-Fi.....I have tried different methods and ways, have logged into the router and set up a sperate 5Ghz and moved some items onto that network as I wondered whether I was overloading the 2.4ghz network but all to no avail....I no its not a problem with the kit as I set my phone as a WiFi hotspot and they connected on in a mater of seconds without any trouble just to make sure I hadn't received some dodgy goods...just wondered if anyone had similar problems and maybe got a solution?? 






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Hi @Smudger59

I am not familiar with Blink products but doing a quick Google search it seems they run on 2.4"ghz WiFi.

I also did a quick search on the Sky Broadband Community and the only thread I could find with regards to Blink was that splitting the two WiFi bands on the Sky Router (NOW Hub clone) worked for the Blink.doorbell owner who posted on the Sky Community. 

Maybe try splitting the 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi bands again on the NOW Hub 2 Router and take the 2.4ghz WiFi channel out of automatic and try a manual channel instead.

Also perhaps after doing the above try a full reset on your Blink devices.

Hopefully somebody on the forum who uses a Blink doorbell or mini camera will give some further advice. 


I don't know the Blink products, but with all these 2.4Ghz products the device on which you are running the app also has to be on the same 2.4Ghz band. Also some devices are unable to use channels 12 or !3 so check if that is what your router is using.