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Blacklisted IPs

I'm very happy to say that my VDSL2 connection has been very stable since I had it installed.


Inevitably, though, my router will occasionally lose connection and reconnect. Sometimes it receives the same IPv4 address, sometimes it doesn't. Also the mains power here is dreadful so that's another reason I may receive a new IPv4 address.


The problem I am facing, and it is an incredibly frustrating problem, is that some IP addresses from Now TV / Sky / O2 / BE / whoever it was before then are blacklisted. This causes way too many websites to run a security check.




If these websites use ReCaptcha, which uses Google technology, then I just have to tick a box and the website moves on. Unfortunately a lot more websites now use this hCaptcha rubbish, which loads tiny, unclear photos that you have to pick from to prove you're not a robot.




Ironically, software would be more capable of figuring out what these pictures are supposed to be than anyone with eyesight problems.


This has happened to me three times in the last hour, and happens at least once every day now.


Now, I can restart my router and hope to receive a new IPv4 address, but this is not guaranteed as the DHCP server may simply give me the same one back. Multiple resets are the same lottery.


There is zero point in me getting in touch with these websites, as they see it as a protection from whatever garbage they normally receive. And hCaptcha will not remove blacklists unless requested to do so from the ISP.


So I'm asking for two things here:


1. Please contact this disaster of a company to remove the blacklists for this ISP.

2. Make more of an effort to stop bad actors from getting these IPs blacklisted in the first place.


And before anyone suggests that I may have a virus or bot or some other rubbish... I don't. Also the amount a person uses their Internet connection does not get them blacklisted.


I've spoken with the engineers in the past (different issues) and they know what they're doing, so I doubt I need to explain this any further, but I am more than happy to speak with them if need be.




I'm now going to reboot the router and hope for the best.


(For reference I've been hit by this horrible hCaptcha while accessing popular websites like the London Stock Exchange, not some unusual websites full of spam)

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User , did they resolve this for you? I am having the same issue, which means that I can't send work emails! I was told when I called NowTV that my email address changes every 60 seconds, but it doesn't - it only changes when I reset my router. I successfully sent an email using my neighbour's connection so I know it's my IP address. I also checked on Spamhaus twice and both times it showed my email address as blacklisted. Many thanks!