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Hi all,


i just got now tv at Christmas with the first month free entertainment pass.  so that should mean It finishes at the end of January. Yet my first payment is the 24th of jan should it not be the next month in feb on 24th!!! ( as first month is free) I can’t find a number to call, & to be honest the website is like a Irish raffle !! Clearly designed by a infant ( everything is a mess) 

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schnapps Legend 4
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Re: Billing

Hi @Faff1987

If you started the one month entertainment offer on the 24th of December and it is saying that the first due payment is the 24th of January, then this sounds right to me.

Where you are getting a month free between the 24th of December and 24th of January then you pay £7.99 up front to cover the period between the 24th of January up to the 24th of February.

If you don't won't to continue with the entertainment pass after the free trial make sure you cancel it before the 24th of January to avoid the NowTV system taking money each month until you cancel the pass.

Here's a link to live chat should you wish to contact them for any reason or you believe you are not getting the first full one month free .

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