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Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

Dear Now TV

What the hell are you guys doing? You would of thought now that you would of got your service running quick slick and stable but no.  You obviously need to do something drastic to sort your service out.  I'm getting so fed up with it and it's getting worse. I have super fast internet with incredible bandwidth up and down and it still fails every time.

Don't your guys test your apps before release? Does the CEO even bother to check your releases before they go public?

It's a joke. You need more data centres and more connectivity to make it comparible to Netflix and prime tv.

Do you know how many times Netflix and prime tv have crashed on me? Never not once. Sort it out for God's sake or you won't have any customers. The service is a total joke. Try doing some more client side processing do something. The whole UI is obviously downloaded every time I connect which is crazy. The new release where you have got rid of the list menu is stupid. That could of been a side bar menu which is quicker as you don't have to load all of the content pictures.

And as for the insulting message that come up blaming my internet connection is insulting. Where is the quality control? The service has been live for so long now each release should improve the user experience not ###### them off or take functionality away crazy business model. Now tv is becoming joke tv! For God's sake sort it out. Make the investment to be as good as your other main competiors. Personally i think heads should role and employ more highly skilled coders and network engineers. You've got the content now please give it to us so we don't have to keep coming in and out of the app or web or have to keep pressing the back button. You must surely know what issues you have can't be that uninformed surely?Can't believe a company of your size and resources is constantly getting it wrong.  All you have to do is 3 things. 

1. Keep it simple 

2. Keep it fast as possible 

3. Make it 100% stable

= great service with happy users.

I so hope that someone reads this who has the power and the foresight to deliver correctly. What's made me angry is that I never complain but yet here i am im so fed up with it. Years down the line still lame. 

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Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

Nearly a year later and still crap!! I can’t watch a single thing without buffering interruption and this is the most expensive streaming service we pay for. Finishing Chernobyl and cancelling after having the service over three years there’s been no improvement whatsoever. Now tv ignores its customers.

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Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

Sounds like your internet connection if you're experiencing buffering. Now TV works perfectly for me (using Roku Streaming Stick + with Virgin)

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Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

I’m using a Roku stick, iPad and the app on a LG TV. No buffering or picture breakup at all using Vodafone BB and before that TalkTalk.




Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

Depends what you want to watch. If it's some crappy TV box set that passes as entertainments these days then fine - it works. Provided you allow 6 weeks for their ###### interface to load on a smart TV. But try watching a live event - then you'll know just how ###### this so-called service actually is. And they know it. Which is why they always blame the customers. You can have a rock steady internet connection that has no problems whatsoever with any other streaming service, but Now (sic) TV will still be ######. They're either incompetent or thieves. Probably both.

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Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

Why would you continue to use something for years with no commitment that is rubbish?

Re: Been using Nowtv for years and still rubbish.

I was thinking the same thing @arrgeebargee 

Nowadays I dip in and out as and when something comes along I have been waiting for and have never found the picture quality on Entertainment or Movies to be that big of an issue. Granted the same can't be said for sports at 25fps BUT with some time spent on my TV settings etc I've been able to see quite a difference in quality on my TV. It's not perfect by any stretch BUT as you say, with no committment in contract terms, it is easy to drop without penalty if you don't like it. Yes, improvements can definitely be made, and they are improvements we'd all like to see coming, but for now I'd stick to NowTV rather than jump to 'big Sky'.