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BT Line Confusion / Activation / What Now?

Newly signed up customer. Activation date Sep 13th. I'm in a rented property, no phone. I don't know if the BT line is active, but there is a BT Openreach socket (labelled Master Socket 5C) in the flat. However, this is located nowhere near a plug socket, in a completely impractical location near the ground by the front door. I won't be able to use this socket as there is nowhere near it to plug in a router. Can I arrange for an engineer to put the socket somewhere usable? I don't know if an engineer is already needed for set up anyway, there's no confirmation of this info either way in either of the emails I've had since signing up. How can I find out what I need to do?!


The chat function and the help forums on the Now website are not working, there doesn't seem to be a customer service telephone number to call...


Assuming the existing Openreach socket is usable, at present the only solution is to use an extension lead and put the router on the floor directly in front of the front door... 


Any ideas?!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Use the telephone number in this link page below to get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team.