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My Broadband has not been activated for over two weeks since its proposed activation - is this normal?


23/26th July - Ordered NOW TV/Broadband Package. Told activation date will be 6 August (in two weeks). Perfect. 


6 August - No Broadband. 

7 August - Told that my new activation date is on 18 August 2020, but ill get a reply in 72 hrs to tell me what the hold up is. Just got an email saying activation date is 18 August no real reason given. 

18 August - Told my new activation date is now 19 August 

20 August - Still no broadband two weeks from activation date and we are being told that we have to wait 72 hours for the 'back office' to come back with a reason for no activation and what can be done going forwards. 


At present I have been left with no broadband for over two weeks, no explanation as to why and no understanding on when/if I will ever get broadband, despite it being nearly a month since I ordered my package. 


I usually wouldn't mind, but I'm a (self-employed) keyworker and therefore need to undertake important work from home using conferencing software. Despite telling NOW TV I was a key worker, I was told 'well the 6th August' was only a 'provisional date'.  I am just astounded by the response. 


I asked if they could send me a dongle/software, that could give me access to broadband until the line/router is set up. Simply put the response was 'no we don't offer that'. 


My question is: Is this normal of NOWTV? are customers expected to wait indefinitely without internet? Has anyone been offered an interim service for when this occurs? 


Thank you in advance