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Auto play

After nearly three years of waiting, ive come to the conclusion that nowtv are never going to introduce auto play. I was delighted yesterday when all seasons of Parks and Recreation appeared, but having to click on the remote every 20 minutes is a real pain. I cant see what the problem is as its the only streaming service i use that doesn't offer this function. You cant truly binge without it! 

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Just signed up for a 7 day free trial. Can see me unsubscribing after that. This day and age, really poor auto play, really?! 🙄

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@Anonymous User need skip intro to. Some of these intros are very long. I would really like auto play myself. Sometimes I like to cook or wash up while watching something as i did with Netflix. But seriously having to dry my hands each time to play the next episode became super annoying real fast and will make me go back to Netflix. I can't believe now tv doesn't have these features as standard. It's unbelievable