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Another post about port forwarding

Dear sirs,

I have recently joined NOW TV broadband. I am trying to set up a server to play video games with a friend and I followed accurately the instructions described here ( ). Unfortunately it didn't work and I can't see how to make some ports open and my server visible from external world.

Please advise.

Thank you

Best regards



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dont know if ull see this but i finally figured it out so theres a couple things that were holding me back despite doing all the standard stuff so...

first go onto ur router 192.1.... and advanced and lanip there youll see use this router as dhcp so lower the max value of that to something like 150
seccondly open windows power shell as administrator and type Get-NetConnectionProfile
this will show some details if the network shows public this explains alot of problems with static ip addresses so type Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex *INDEX NUMBER SHOWN* -NetworkCategory Private
third goto network and sharing centre right click your adapter/details/internet protocol 4/details 
then set the ip address to 192.169.0.*any number above 150* to get the rest of the details u need open up cmd and type ipconfig
apply those settings then close it 
now add the services as standard
then the inbound firewall rule to the ip address u set

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Hello there im trying to get an open nat playing with my ps4.

i went in the router setup page but I don’t know how to move to get improve my connection.

I understand that a my broadband connection is really poor my area is covered only with basic broadband up to 16mb.

can someone help me?