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Amber light on front

What does amber light in middle of lights mean?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

The amber middle light on the front of the Hub router means the internet is not currently connected.

Is today your live activation date where you could go live anytime up until midnight tonight ?

When everything is up and running the middle light should remain solid green all the time which means internet is available at the router.

Should your NowTV internet have been working previously and the amber middle light is now only happening, then try pressing the reset button on the back of the router for about 10 secs to see if that fixes it. 

Anonymous User
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Activation date was yesterday but orange middle light still on

@Anonymous User 

1. Switch the router off at the wall, wait 30 secs, switch it back on again, wait 2 or 3 mins for it to finish rebooting and connecting. If still amber...

2. Phone Customer Services on 0330 332 3050 and get them to check what’s happening with your order