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Alternative modem router

I have recently joined NOWTV for fibre broadband.

Most of my network is wired so I was disappointed to discover the Hub Two modem router only had two ethernet ports on the back.

Luckily, I have two switches in the house so a quick reconfigure and all wired devices are back online.

The WiFi signal from the NOWTV modem router isn't the best. Devices struggle when in a different room.

I have looked about and want to replace the router with a TP-Link VR2100 modem router.  If I do this I can add OneMesh devices to increase the WiFi network footprint and all get four ethernet ports back.

I've never used an alternative to the provided modem and wanted to ask three questions.

1) Is it possible to swap out the supplied modem router for the TP-Link VR2100?

2) If it is possible how do I do it?

3) If not possible does anyone have any suggestions I can try?

Thank you in advance.