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After waiting ten days for my NOW Broadband order to even be accepted, we need to wait two weeks for activation, which is of course expected and industry standard unfortunately. 

What I don’t understand - and what I expected honestly - is the 72 hour waiting period after the activation date fails. Our broadband was meant to go live three days ago. I spoke to so many people on the phone, first those who put our issue in Tier 2, and then so many more saying there is nothing that can be done right now. Just now, I spoke to someone on the phone asking for an update and I was told the same bs I’ve been hearing for a few days now — out of our hands, Open Reach needs to check the issue on their end. I asked if this 72-hour waiting period is realistic and was told, I do appreciate the honesty, no. I asked what the process is after that and if we can do that sooner and was told they don’t know what the process is. 

Tomorrow, I’ll have to call again, and I’ll be put on a waiting period again, and that will not be okay at all. What can I actually do to get internet anytime soon?! Every day I’m told tomorrow - incredibly shocking and altogether disgusting behavior from a ‘precessional’ provider as this. This shouldn’t be this complicated of an issue to solve, let alone PROGRESS further. People depend on WiFi so much these days, so the negligence is ridiculous. 

Has anyone had this issue before? What happened after the 72 hour long wait? When did you end up getting working broadband, a year or two after your activation date? 


It is all down to Openreach I'm afraid and that 72 hours sounds like a normal SLA, although I would have thought this applies to fault fixing rather than new installations. You can console yourself with the fact that you are entitled to compensation at the rate of £5.25 for every day your service is delayed: