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Activation of landline

Surfice is to say I have been without use of my telephone since 29th of December, I was promised by nowtv that my broadband and call package would be live by 11th January but despite their best efforts I'm still waiting. Yesterday I was told they were contacting India with a resolve form. Today I was told by customer service they would fill in a welfare form, I'm nearly totally blind with macula degeneration, have a heart problem, suffered a stroke, have COPD, a chronic back pain and plus end game diabetes,

This would trigger a more immediate response she said but nothing has happened so far! 

I haven't a mobile or any communication equipment so I'm totally reliant on the landline! 

They now say that the 2nd Feb an openreach engineer will sort my problems 

I don't need a engineer visit they were here for two days and fully tested my line to their satisfaction, the hub is showing 3 green lights and I can phone out But no one can ring me!!!!! 



George William MCGREGOR

 88 years of age and desparetly infirm! 

My doctors have been waiting for weeks for contact, I cannot attend surgery! 


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Re: Activation of landline


Welcome to the forum. 

So with NOW broadband and phone, they are fully reliant on OpenReach maintaining the network. 
If there are still issues, you will have to pester the broadband team until a full resolution is made.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Re: Activation of landline

Hi @Georgewmcgregor 


Can't help much being a customer just like you, but do you know anybody who has a mobile telephone (family member, friend, neighbour ?).


If so, can you phone their mobile number and ask them what is the incoming telephone number on their caller id screen when you call.


Just in case when you switched over to NOW Broadband & Phone they never ported your existing landline number across (assuming you had an existing long term number in the past) and provided you a new landline telephone number instead allocated to your NOW account.


Also go into any emails received from NOW where on my NOW email notification when i ordered Broadband with them it showed the telephone number that was allocated on my account and for me because i ticked the box i wanted to keep my existing number my old number was used.


Just a thought and might need checking.


If this has already been checked, then please ignore my post.

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