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44 days and counting waiting for broadband & TV to be set up - am I special?

Moved home 12 April and told my service would be up & running 18 April, countless emails, calls, messages, chats, rants, lost hair etc and now told I'll be up & running 11 June, although I don't know if that's 2018 or 2019.

Formal complaint now instigated with little by way of result, in particular, even though an Openreach engineer hinted at the technical problem on 28 April, I have been kept in the dark over why it took so long to discover and even longer to fix and get me up & running.

Extra salt added to wound when Now TV said thay had to cancel my order and set up a new one only to then treat me as a new customer adding three weeks to getting online (the technical fault has been fixed).  Even worse they cancelled my landline number that I've been using for 6 weeks and assumed I'll just accept the new one without complaint, they don't know me very well!

Hacked off with customer service reps calling me Pal or telling me "no problems" or "no worries" 

Hacked off with Openreach engineer for borrowing my screwdrier and then walking off with it (I kid you not).

Almost certainly, at the heart of this is Now TV having a 3rd class and cheap service argreement with Openreach meaning that BT's own customers will always get a quicker and more constructive service from Openreach.  Now TV then has the audacity to put the blame for the delays on Openreach.

So why don't I move to BT?  1 - I just about hate BT more than Now TV.  2 - Now TV told me a few weeks back that switching would add to the delays (Ha!). 3 - Now TV have hacked me off so much I want them to fix it, come clean over their incompetence and learn from it.

Before anyone asks, I'm in a large twon and all my neighbours are online, as were the previous owners of my home.

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