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3 month cinema pass problem

I bought 2 now tv sticks with 3 month kids pass on it. Neither have codes or anything in their boxes. How do I redeem the passes if I have no codes??? 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: 3 month cinema pass problem

Hi @Lucy17

Nowtv are moving away from the paper scratch card voucher codes in the box and are starting to use electronic vouchers already pre loaded on the nowtv stick or box.

Does it say anywhere on the box outer packing " Redeem Passes During Setup" ?

If so, have you setup and activated the nowtv sticks ?

Where once activated the passes are automatically uploaded electronically to your account, where normally they are saved under My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst signed in on here and towards the top of the screen page there will be a message saying something like " Vouchers waiting for You" with a link to redeem the vouchers.

You can only redeem one voucher at a time, once in the last 30 days of any existing kids offer on your account.

Should there be no indication on the box outer packing to " Redeem Passes During Setup" then have a word with live chat.

Link below to live chat.

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