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1st day live Dynamic line management question

Hi new to the community new to Now BB went live jan 13th at 12 mins past midnight everything went to plan well done Now. I realise it can take 10 days for line speed to settle so taking this into consideration but have a question reqaurds to this. 


As stated went live with Superfast product and instantly installed my Now hub 2 after several speed tests I was getting 58 mb down 18 up, my estimate was 58 to 68 with garunteed 57. Then I started having issue all of that day forcing me to constantly turn off hub as I tried different set ups an issue resolved now. Basically I have Cat 4 only 4 core ethernet cable under my living room carpet fitted to an 8 port access switch and none of my devices would connect on LAN and what resolved the issue was the setting in Hub turning ports from Gigabite to Fast ethernet. Soon as that was changed all my devices were found an connected.


It took me best part of 18 hours fault finding turning router off many times untill I sused 4 core cable on Gigabite port ruins setup on the Now hub.


Today my speed tests even with devices plugged direct into hub bypassing acess switch cable ect is only 37 mb down 9 up I get the same reading over Wifi. I notice my Hub sync at 40000  downstream 9997 upstream.


Is this likely to change within the next 10 days by DLM working out the best stable speed or has my faffing about on day 1 of going live continuously rebooting Hub fooled the DLM into thinking my line was unstable and dropped me down below the garunteed speed of 57 mbs down 18mbs up.

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Hello, @Des147 The worst thing anyone can do while the line is settling-in is to constantly turn the router off and on. As you’ve found, this causes the equipment at the exchange to think there is s line fault/poor quality line. If you leave it alone, it should eventually go back up to the guaranteed speed (or close to it). If it is no better after 10 days, give the broadband team a call.


I’d also recommend cat-5 or better cable instead of your cat-4. 

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@Mark_Weinreb Just beat me to it!  🙂