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Hi I really need help setting up subtitles on my smart TV. I can’t find the option to turn them on anywhere and I’m deaf, so the app is useless without them for me. I know some films and tv programmes don’t have them after looking in other forums (although I personally think that is a bit outdated and it’s more than just a few, it’s most), but there is no option whatsoever to turn them on when using the TV guide? 

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Re: subtitles



Cant answer for LG, but on my Samsung app, I press Pause on the TV remote, Arrow Right three times to the speech bubble icon, press OK, Arrow Right to English if subtitles are being offered, press Pause or Play to resume.


I think yours will be the same.


And I think you have to do this for each episode, except maybe when binge-watching them back to back; even the Stick can’t keep subtitles On better than that.

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