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panasonic free view wirless smart recorde

Hi I have an lg tv (not smart) connected to our all singing panasonic box, has amazon, ect on it but no nowtv can this have nowtv loaded on it, it is used wirless.

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Re: panasonic free view wirless smart recorde



Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately NOW TV isn't available on your smart recorder.

Have a look at the following list of supported devices as you might find you already have something that you can watch NOW TV on. If not, a NOW TV box is probably your cheapest option, although there is also a new NOW TV Smart Stick coming out in a fortnight for that might interest you.

If you do have another compatible device such as a games console, Roku, Chromecast etc that you want to set up, you can find more details here

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Re: panasonic free view wirless smart recorde

Hi @Topgun3


Currently no Panasonic device supports the inbuilt nowtv app.


Here's a help guide linked below giving a list of nowtv supported playback devices.


Also, it might be worth considering the new nowtv smart stick coming out end of this month