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error code: VSF Not_Supported_format on Samsung TV app

As the title suggests, I open up the Now app on my Samsung TV (I think a 2016 model) and try to play something and I get the whirling blue circle for about a minute and then an "Oops! something went wrong" message and a close button. At the bottom of the screen is "error code: VSF Not_Supported_format". 

Weirdly the Sky news channel still works!

I have uplugged the TV for 5 minutes, restarted my router and this happens evry time. All my other streaming apps (iPlayer, Netflix, Prime, etc) work fine.

I've looked and the Now app version is the same as it was yesterday - when it was working.

Does anyone know what the error means & how to fix it?

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Has it been working before? 

Try deleting the app data and cache.

Worst case set the TV back to factory settings. 

Have you tried another device such as your phone?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

It has worked fine up until today - for years, ever since we got the TV. 

I'll try deleting the cache, etc - but my TV appears not to have that option 😞

I have a 4K box that I'll try...

As I mentioned Sky News works OK - watching it now.


Update - I hooked up the 4K box and it works fine. Definitely an issue with the TV app.


working today!