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device problem

I need to remove a dvice from my list as it is on my X boyfriends TV. Obviously I can't and have no way of contacting themor it seems any means to delete the device from my list! Why is this it seems absurd that I can't delete a device from the list. I don't have 6 devices that will take it to the top to automatically be deleted!! It seems a very dated and clunky system indeed when you can't delete a device from a list!

Can Now staff do this for me?

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Legend 5

Hi @Mazboyle

You need to do a forced log out and change your password if you want to stop somebody who was using your account.

There is some instructions about it on this link page below.

If the instructions don't work for you then see if NOW live chat can undertake the forced log out but you will still need to change your password has well.