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can't watch Now TV on smart TV (Samsung)

All of a sudden, we find ourselves unable to watch Now TV on our Samsung smart TV - it was working one day and then suddenly stopped working the next!  We use the remote (obviously) and get as far as the bit where you click on the little programme picture, and then we can't go any further.  This is only happening on the TV - we are able to watch stuff on our Samsung tablet and mini ipad.  We tried to remove the app from the menu on the TV screen, but can't do that, and can't seem to fix the problem.  We don't want to mess around with the TV too much, for fear of messing everything up!  Has anyone got any ideas, please?  So frustrating.  Many thanks.

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@Anonymous User 

Have you tried to unplug your router for a few minutes? 
Another suggestion would be to do the same with the TV. Unplug for a couple of minutes. 


True worst case would be to set the TV back to factory settings, it is extreme yes but often fixes random bugs and gets things working again. 

You could also try clearing the app cache using these steps

How to Delete App Cache Data on your SamsungSmart TV
  1. Tap the Home button on your Samsung smart TV'sremote control.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. Go to the System apps.
  5. Choose the app you want to clear the cache with.
  6. Tap on “Clear cache”.
  7. Tap OK to confirm.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Many thanks for your prompt response, gavs.  We're not really techies, and it sounds a bit complicated for us, but we will definitely give it a go.  Just concerned that we completely mess things up in the process and then find  ourselves unable to watch the TV at all!
Cheers again, much appreciated.


@Anonymous User  & @gavs82008  for Info




Hey PP


If your problem persists or if you want someone to "hold your hand" through your trouble shooting process then give the Samsung Help Desk a ring on the following number:


0800 988 0123


Please note, you will need your TV's model number and probably date of purchase.


The Help Desk is open from Monday - Sunday at  8.00am to 8.00pm.



UK Bob


PS. I almost forgot, some Samsung TVs no longer support or work with Now TV apps.

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Many thanks, we're going to take another look at it later - but appreciate your thoughts about giving Samsung a call to "hand-hold".  That's great.