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Set top boxes & Smart TVs


FAQ - Set top boxes & Smart TVs

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about using the NOW TV app on Set top boxes & Smart TVs. Choose your device to see a list of FAQs: Apple TV LG Smart TV Chromecast YouView Roku

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Chromecast 2020 and indefinite buffering

Hello, just recently picked up the new Chromecast 2020 with Google TV+controller. Every hour it seems to just buffer indefinitely. Other apps work fine and this issue seems to happen with NOW TV only.  Not entirely sure how to fix this, I've reset ro...

Sound quality

On any film or recorded episode now tv sound stutters. It’s fine with live tv but with everything else it stutters continually every 2 to 3 seconds. Completely unacceptable service. Please advise why this is happening and how to fix it  

Device No Longer Supported!

Been watching NowTV for about 2 years on a 2015 Samsung smart TV. No issues. Today, NowTV decides it cant be supported on the bull!!   I'm not going out spending several hundred pounds on a new TV just for NowTV.....and do they reali...

Resolved! Now tv two router buzzing

Just received and set up a replacement Now TV Two router for our broadband.Replaced as internet speed kept dropping with no issues on the line.However this unit has a constant high pitched buzzing sound, which the previous one didn't have.It's very a...

Something went wrong. Again.

Trying to watch Riviera 3.  Episode 3. "Something went wrong".  Again.  This happens every night.  Checked the internet connection. Netflix is fine.  So we try again.  Then discover that NowTV has no idea where we had got to and makes us start again....

Roku/Now TV stick login issues

I've just finished work, switched the upstairs TV on (Roku stick) to watch the footy, and Now TV has lost my login credentials. Entered them again.... "Something went wrong". Went downstairs to and switched the TV on there (Roku HD streaming stick) a...

Now tv on hisense tv

Hi there I have recently signed up to now TV only to find I cant download the app on my TV 廊, I've tried google and talking to now TVs ever so helpful bot! I know there is nothing I can do about getting the app direct on my tv but am I better off get...

BT 4K box loses sound & buffers

Not sure what the issue is, but when watching Now TV app on the BT box through live programmes the sound will stop for 20 seconds and then come back, very odd but also very annoying. Also I’m suffering with buffering where I can watch the Now TV blac...

MGboy by Scholar 2
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