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Set top boxes & Smart TVs


FAQ - Set top boxes & Smart TVs

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about using the NOW TV app on Set top boxes & Smart TVs. Choose your device to see a list of FAQs: Apple TV LG Smart TV Chromecast YouView Roku

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Adding Tv device

I’ve just signed up for Now Tv on my iPhone but when I try to watch something on the Tv it doesn’t think I’m a member so I don’t know how to add it as one of my devices. On my account it says my Tv is one of my devices used last in 2021.

Resolved! Boost and the apps!

I find myself billed for Now Boost but currently am not using cinema sports etc but mostly watching apps such as iplayer, netflix and amazon prime.  If I get rid of the Boost will this affect the quality of streaming of these apps or does Boost only ...

This PIN isn’t right

Hi, I’ve put Now TV in my Sony Bravia TV but when I try to watch Sky Atlantic (Fish Town happens to be on), it asks for a PIN, and when i enter it, it comes up that it is wrong, I’ve logged in to my account on my laptop and reset the PIN and it still...

Now on a white google chromecast,

I have previously come across NOW on my white voice activated google chromecast but I can’t find it consistently it doesn’t appear under apps and now I can’t remember how I found now . Sometimes I can continue programmes I’ve found before . But it do...

Resolved! stream quality on android tv

hi all How do i know i'm watching NOW tv in HD, i have an TCL Google Android TV? I get 989 streaming quality. I can watch netflix in 4K HDR etc. Am i watching NOW TV in HD or  not. Am i wasting my money on Boost? My internet speed is between 150-270m...

Resolved! NOW TV now available on some Google TV devices??

NOW TV now available on some Google TV devices??Ok so I've just purchased a Google TV device (HD version, £34 from Google store UK) for at my girlfriend's device as got my own at my place and find them pretty good.I was surprised but please to see th...

Leighton by Mentor
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Could someone confirm that you cannot currently download the Now App on Chromecast, you either have to cast it from another device or find some other way