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audio out of sync on roku


so my issue is that on live channels audio is out of sync.

not all the time and not all the channels, but its a constant thing, whenever i go through the channels, i always bump into a few where theres a very slight, but noticeable sync issue and it definitely takes away from viewing pleasure.

this is on a roku device. the newest roku ultra. and before somebody points out that these are made for the US market and not necessarily compatible with NOW, i have the same exact issue with the 2nd gen. NOW Smart box (non-freeview version).

i played around with audio settings on the ROKU (stereo, PCM, dolby, leveling, night mode, etc.) and also my telly, but nothing makes a difference.

changing the refresh rate between 50 and 60 HZ also doesnt make any difference.

i would also mention that other apps like BBC, ITV, ALL4 and others all work fine, and i never experienced this audio sync issue other than on NOW live channels (entertainment, cinema, sport).

also, this issue is not present on ON DEMAND content.

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All I can suggest is

  • Make sure the system is fully updated
  • Unplug the device and also your router for a few minutes 
  • Worst case set it back to factory settings

If they all fail, report to NOW directly. Best with email so you can send pictures/videos. 
Address is in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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thanks for your reply. i've done all that, restarts, updates, but the problem persists. the only thing i havent done and not planning to do is a hard reset, because i've done that before and its really fussy to log in to every app afterwards, its a pain.

its a really niche problem and hard to demonstrate, reproduce, but really annoying.

and its quite obvious this is a NOW issue as i really havent had any similar problems with any other apps on the roku/now platform.

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Work you way through some of the threads with solutions.


Also, what TV are you using? I have a Roku Premiere connected to an LG TV using HDMI Arc and optical out from the TV to a Yamaha amp. BBC iPlayer is always out of sync but the TV has a setting that allows me to shift the audio to match. Your TV may have a similar feature.



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thanks, i tried these and unfortunately didnt solve the problem.

i am not using digital/optical out, i am using my telly's audio through hdmi. i do have delay settings on my TCL telly, but only for the digital output.

i have 3 roku ultras in the house, 2 connected to TCL android tv's, and 1 to an older LG tv. they all have the same audio sync issues.

the only common denominator is the NOW app.