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Youview App Sound Issues

My Youview DTR-T2100 has the fully Now TV app with excellent picture quality whilst using Now TV Boost. However I have to complain about the sound glitches that have marred my viewing of the F1 this weekend.

I have the latest software 32.47.0 / 3.6.234 and did a maintenance mode reset to try and resolve the problem this morning, but it remained. With 5.1 sound set in the app the digital sound output stream from the Youview box over HDMI was stopping every few minutes for a period of maybe 5-6 seconds a go.

With the sound set in the app to just Stereo the sound still broke up, but less frequently and maybe for 1-3 seconds a go.

In either case it was unacceptable to have these issues after paying out for a Sky Sports pass. I had to revert to Chromecasting from my phone to my TV (which is connected to the same powerline adapter as the Youview box) which had no sound issues at all - although I would really prefer to use the Youview box as the picture is IMHO much better.

I do not believe this is an internet issue - the TV picture is completely unaffected with no artefacts, and the sound via the Chromecasting route is fine.

Although I did experience a few glitches a few weeks ago when I watched the Hungarian GP it was nothing as bad as today. Also the Sky Sports Main Event stream seemed plagued by it much more severely than the Sky Sports F1 stream.

Is this known about and is it being rectified?

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I have been (Trying) to use the Now TV app on my Youview Box but the app is quite unusable. I have encountered sound dropouts, buffering and on occasion even had to switch my Youview box off with the power switch as the box completely freezes.


I have a pretty old Now TV Smart Box and I didn’t encounter any of the above issues however, I have ran out of HDMI ports on my TV to be able to have this box permanently connected to my TV so, regrettably, I have cancelled my Now TV passes.


In my experience the Now TV app on Youview is not fit for purpose.

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Same issue here. I get sound outages of 3-6 second every few minutes on both YouView Humax DTR2120 & DBT2220. I have no issue with a NowTV stick or the Now TV Smart Boxes so my internet/WiFi is fine and the issue is purely seen on the YouView boxes. It seems this issue has been around since August, any sign at all of a fix?