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Youview App Sound Issues

My Youview DTR-T2100 has the fully Now TV app with excellent picture quality whilst using Now TV Boost. However I have to complain about the sound glitches that have marred my viewing of the F1 this weekend.

I have the latest software 32.47.0 / 3.6.234 and did a maintenance mode reset to try and resolve the problem this morning, but it remained. With 5.1 sound set in the app the digital sound output stream from the Youview box over HDMI was stopping every few minutes for a period of maybe 5-6 seconds a go.

With the sound set in the app to just Stereo the sound still broke up, but less frequently and maybe for 1-3 seconds a go.

In either case it was unacceptable to have these issues after paying out for a Sky Sports pass. I had to revert to Chromecasting from my phone to my TV (which is connected to the same powerline adapter as the Youview box) which had no sound issues at all - although I would really prefer to use the Youview box as the picture is IMHO much better.

I do not believe this is an internet issue - the TV picture is completely unaffected with no artefacts, and the sound via the Chromecasting route is fine.

Although I did experience a few glitches a few weeks ago when I watched the Hungarian GP it was nothing as bad as today. Also the Sky Sports Main Event stream seemed plagued by it much more severely than the Sky Sports F1 stream.

Is this known about and is it being rectified?

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Fully concur with this.


exactly the same issue.


as i was typing this, the audio just dropped for approx 4  seconds

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After posting earlier I looked at my audio arrangement.


I had my bt box connect to the TV via HDMI and then from the TV to a DTS amp using an optical digital connection. TV was set to external speakers therefore I get no audio from TV speakers just from the DTS amp passed through the TV


So I decided to disable the amp and play through the TV speaker only. And through the F1 FP3 this morning and sometime afterwards I had no audio dropouts. So it was looking like an Amp issue.


I then reenabled the TV pass through to the Amp but set the Amp to a different surround mode (DTS prologic) Since then No audio dropouts, 


Therefore it appears my problem is an incompatible surround sound mode on my Amp.


anyway pleased to say looks like it’s not an absolute BT box /NowTV app issue. But it does appear to be some incompatibility issue with legacy surround sound amps and the NowTV digital audio output. I haven’t experience these dropouts from other audio apps on the BT box , e.g netflix, prime or iplayer.


FYI My Amp is a Teac AH350 of 20 years vintage.


So for anyone else, suggest you check your audio device and surround mode settings. See if you can select a mode one that doesn’t have the problem.


good luck 



I think that something may have been fixed since yesterday as I too have not had any sound drops all day yesterday and today. However I haven’t changed any amp settings.


Should say I have my setup the other way around:


Youview Box - HDMI - Yamaha Surround Amp - HDMI - Sony TV

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i get low sound on Gold on the playstation 4 app




Your way round is correct if the Yamaha can handle any audio that the YouView box throws at it and can pass any video that the YouView box produces to the Sony unrestricted by any limitations of the Yamaha amp.


It is likely also correct, even if the above is not fulfilled, if connecting the YouView box directly to the TV would result in the unavoidable passing of compromised sound from the TV to the Yamaha.


if either way round would have neither sound nor video compromised, it comes down to whichever is more convenient; which one lets the YouView box turn on the TV and/or soundbar; which one has the more accessible port if you want to change anything; which one requires the deployment of more remotes to operate, and so on.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

Spoke too soon - sound glitches back today. Must be related to the load on the Now TV streams 😡

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I have the same issue.Very annoying but the picture is fine.

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Same here today too. 



I've noticed the Service Announcement relating to reduced frame rate on Sky Sports so am wondering if this is related to the sound issues (i.e. an attempt to reduce processor load) or whether it is just too many people trying to access the streams reserved for Youview.