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You view now tv app cutting out

I am with talktalk and have their youview plus box and recently signed up for now tv sky sports and now tv entertainment passes.  I am finding that the now tv player app keeps jumping out after a period of time watching to the now tv menu and often right out to the youview player apps menu ! This is very disappointing as talktalk are phasing out their own sky sports and entertainment boosts. Can anybody tell me whats going on ? help me resolve this issue ? i have a good broadband connection of 70mgb sec so i doubt that its a connection issue ? other connected devices are a laptop and smartphone.


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Legend 5


Don’t have NOW via YouView boxes, but can think of 2 suggestions.

1. To turn your router and box off for a few minutes 

2. To set the box back to factory settings, as this will often squash any bugs that prevents NOW from performing as expected

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help