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You’ve reached your streaming limit

I think its annoying having to face this error message, considering I am only streaming on one device at a time. Was watching on my apple tv 4k turned off my tv (having made sure I closed now from background apps) then switched to my phone only to be greeted by the “you’ve reached your streaming limit”. I even signed out of my tv. I have faced this issue countless times and I think it’s inconvenient to say the least. Other streaming platforms like BT don't usually have similar inconveniences. Are there permanent fixes for this? 

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Legend 5


Did you do a clean exit of the stream that you were on with the Apple TV device? 
If you don’t it can annoyingly take up to 10 minutes before you start watching on another device.

That being said if you have boost then you’ll be rid of this annoying issue.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help