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Will now tv new Apple tv app be 1080i or 1080p 50fps?

Now tv new app for apple tv is still in beta phase. My question is that will now tv ever be in 1080? as far now its stuck on 720p which is awfull for 55 inch plus tvs. Looks mightmare.   

Last night i was just blown away with BT Sports newly launched app for apple tv 4th gen onwards . All live channels in Cripy sharp 1080p with 50 frame per second. Just increable and its free all BT sports users.  Later they will bring UHD. 

And I wish someday Now tv will be 1080i or p with 50 Frame per sond. Its shame they couldnot get it yet whereas its 2019.   

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Re: Will now tv new Apple tv app be 1080i or 1080p 50fps?

Totally agreed it would be great if they could do it.  I’ve also just got an Apple TV and very impressed with the video quality on BT Sport app and read they will be launching UHD later in the year.  The main difference is the video on BT and IPlayer looks ‘TV like’ where as the streaming experience on Sky Sports channels on Now TV still has that distracting compressed and blurred ‘internet’ effect which is probably more down to frame rate.  Even if they want to stick with 720p surely they can do a much better job by improving frame rate and bit rate etc then what’s on offer right now.

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