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Why is the LG NowTV app decreasing in quality?

I've been using the LG TV app for almost 2 years and I can't understand why the app isn't improving.


These are the things which have gradually broken since I started:

1) the first 10-30 seconds of each stream, when the makers are trying to make an impact, are always streamed in really low quality before kicking into standard quality.

2) I used to be able to use the numbers on my remote control to enter my parental control pin but now I have to use the arrow buttons and fiddle around with them.

3) The system used to keep track of where I was in particular series and, when new episodes of the current series became available, would highlight them. now every time I think there might be a new episode available I have to use the search functionality to find it.


Can I still watch videos with the app? Yes. Is it as smooth and enjoyable as it once was?  Certainly not.


Can these dropped features please be reintroduced?

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