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Why has the Samsung smart TV app never been fixed?



Had the app on my Samsung smart TV now for 3 years. 


Every time I go to open it I get a blank screen. I need to reinstall it everytime to get it to work once.  


Disappointing that a company the size of now tv can sort this. 


Have the app on my bt youview box aswell but it doesn't have subtitles so need to use the smart tv app 


Very poor from now tv considering the money customers spend. 

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@Anonymous User after going through pages and pages of search results I can find only one other report of something similar. Read through the linked thread that has been marked as solved after someone took the initiative of contacting Samsung.


With so few reports of an issue like yours I'd be hard pressed to blame NowTV. 



@Saint1976  &  @Anonymous User  for info


Hi Saint


I too have a Samsung Smart TV, that I bought in July 2020, and I believe because it does not have an off/on button so it does not gets a full reboot under normal conditions.  Because of this I've notice that the O/S is getting clogged up under certain conditions.


However, this "clogging up/failure to work" under specific conditions does not bother me yet, but I do I realise at some time in the future I will have to do a full reboot of my TV.


And to anyone else out there that doesn't know, all devices that runs an O/S and/or apps/applications, like a computer, will always require rebooting.



UK Bob




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@ukbobboy after a few months of use, my LG TV gets an error message regarding 'no available memory'. The old, unplug for 30 seconds, clears the memory and the whole process starts again!