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Updated home screen!

We’ve made a few improvements to our home screen on some devices, so you can get to the shows, movies and sport you love even faster.

You can check out our new home screen on these devices: 

 Happy watching,


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Re: Updated home screen!

I’ve seen the new update on my smart tv and it’s terrible it was great the way it was this has taken the app backwards

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Re: Updated home screen!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it....

Appalling update - why not spend some time on adding "Continue Watching" functionality to allow us to delete items?!!

LG user - might have to go back to using the stick..(need to check interface first though to see if that's been adulterated)

Unfortunately, don't expect that these comments will get actioned...

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Re: Updated home screen!


It's really bad. I am not sure why updates continue to be a backwards step or breaks the app or deletes is ALWAYS something Smiley Sad

As someone has mentioned in the past, it comes across to us that the tech bods are just school kids doing this at the weekend.


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Re: Updated home screen!

Actually I quite like it.

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Re: Updated home screen!


Good to know that it is not all hate out there for it! It just doesn't work well for me personally.

But the thing is while Now TV are mucking around with home screens, there are real issues with the app. There are so many posts about box sets with sound issues on the forum. Has there been a fix for it yet?

I suppose what I am saying is, they should fix the problems with the service before anything else, it is much more important than a home screen in my opinion.

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Re: Updated home screen!


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Re: Updated home screen!

Any reason why my post was removed.... It was teh second post posted !

Briefly my post stated that it now took over 12 clicks of your remote, just to access the list of programes for a channel (Entertainment package) - whereas it only took a few clicks/

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Re: Updated home screen!

Laggy, takes longer to get to live tv and greater difficulty to find anything.


2 generations ago it was ok, the last one was better/quick/stable. This latest version is awful.

Maybe try it out with a small population of customers and get their feedback?

Was the final nail and I’m not renewing.


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Re: Updated home screen!

Time for my two pennies worth

I actually think the new UI would be quite good on LG TVs. If full support for the magic remote with their because I feel it would work well with the magic remote pointer/mouse . However, at the moment only basic support is there, which means you have to use the arrow keys.

What I don't understand is that for magic remote support was there in previous versions of the app, so why has it been removed now, especially when the new UI would suit the magic remote very well?

Some people have said the new UI is leggy. I would have to disagree with this on the old UI when you highlighted the different pass sections. It would try to load that section automatically without you pressing select on that section. This would sometimes cause the app to lack especially when trying to get to the my account section. This doesn't happen anymore because it doesn't I load anything new unless you press select on the highlighted item,  I personally find this UI to be less likely overall than the old version

I think it would be a good idea to have my account button within the  search and options menu.


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