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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I think you may all be in luck.


I watched the F1 today, on Apple TV, with my Sonos soundbar.


My Sonos app showed ‘Multichannel PCM 5.1’.


And I have to admit, it definitely sounded more surround sound than it ever has done - heard the cars from behind me (I’ve no speakers there, just the soundbar).


So I think they may have updated it now.

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I too noticed the F1 was in DD, I have a Yamaha sound projector and an orange light comes on when receiving a native DD5.1 stream.


To test I just started watching Midway on cinema, on demand not live, and in spite of it saying stereo in the description, again it’s outputting at 5.1!


Finally lol




I’m watching The 100 cricket and on my Sonos app it says Dolby Digital 5.1 next to the Audio out fro my Sonos Beam.

Maybe they have finally found a way to implement it!!?


This all looks interesting....


I havent had a chance to check this myself.


Anyone else managed to see if this is working now?



A couple of observations:


1.  The labels on the content (HD, STEREO/ 5.1) aren't accurate.  Remember, on the AppleTV app it took them quite a long time to STOP labelling their content with 5.1 after the launch of the app.


2.  The support pages still mention the fact that 5.1 is not supported on AppleTV.  Id have expected them to update this quite quickly if they have indeed fixed it.



So, any more tests people have done yet?

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It doesn't appear to have updated for me.  I am still getting LPCM 48 from On Demand or live movies, which is the same as it has always been.  I tried Midway, and nothing is coming from my rear speakers.  Content from other apps (Netflix, AppleTV, Prime etc) flag as DD+ 5.1.  I don't have a sports sub at the moment so cannot check the sports channels.

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Perhaps this is to do with how the signal is being sent.

My TV is linked to my sound at via optical, not HDMI audio for Apple TV (sound bar doesn’t support HDR/4K pass through so I have to send it ‘through’ my tv as bitstream (not touched basically), so it’s very obvious when it is and isn’t receiving a Dolby 5.1 signal. My TV offers the option of decoding and sending as pcm or not, which as described I choose not to.

Worth looking at perhaps?
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I only mention the above because if I recall Netflix send DD+ format, which is equally supported by my sound bar, however if I try to set my TV to pass through DD+ (It lets me choose normal 5.1 or DD+ pass through along with PCM), it doesn’t function properly, not sure if the TV can’t send the DD+ 5.1, but I basically get stereo. I read also that ATMOS is sent as DD+ not 5.1, so those of us with more legacy DD parameter settings, maybe it’s that? Ie. Now TV is sending, or wants to send traditional 5.1, not DD+

in fact I think my Apple TV is set up as optical output / 5.1 bitstream also, could it be that?

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It might be my setup as you say, but I've just tried my Now TV 4K device (which sits side-by-side my Apple TV and connected identically to my receiver via TV passthrough) and it reports DD+5.1 when playing Midway, and the sound is clear through my rear speakers. 

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How is your Apple TV setup in the sound options?

Apple TV my side is set up as output - tv speakers, format DD 5.1


I ask as a couple of peeps mentioned Sonos, and if memory serves unlike the newer ones, most of them were optical input only, so perhaps similar setup to mine

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Just checked and my settings are TV Speakers and Dolby Digital 5.1


I tried changing it to Auto, and still no sound from my rear speakers, but I did notice it changed my Netflix audio to HD-DCS (LPCM 48).  


As you say, probably my setup and Now encoding audio differently from AppleTV, Netflix etc.