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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@Anonymous User 


I agree with a lot of what you say.


Ive already gone on record here to say that I too have now given up on boost and cinema.

I refuse out of principle to pay for a movies service that will not deliver its content in 5.1 as a minimum standard (should really be 4K and Atmos nowadays anyway).


Yes, its been 2 years since they started the beta trial, and the "final" version was released live in December 2020.  Despite many many requests they have not managed to 'fix' the issue and the app is in the frankly astonishing position 15 months after launch where they are still happy to charge users for a boost add on without actually delivering 5.1.


As I said, enough is enough.


Like you, I utterly disagree with the principle of a 'boost pass' anyway given that 5.1 and 1080p should be a bare minimum for a premium cost streaming service - all the others manage it so why cant NOW?  I assumed that the boost pass was something that would only be temporary but instead they have put the price up to £5 a month - again for AppleTV owners this is just a ridiculous insult charging for something that doesnt even provide 5.1.


NOW's disinterest in 5.1 on the AppleTV is astonishing.  What possible reason could they have for not being able to stream in 5.1 on the platform?  literally every other streaming service seems to manage it so what is it that eludes the developers of the NOW app?  The lack of information from them is astonishing.  The constant 'we will fix this soon' which Ive heard since December 2020 is now just fob offs and lies.


I feel that the cinema service is dying a death anyway.  Sure, they get 'the latest' movies first - but nowadays that's not even true - Prime, Disney, and Netflix are just as likely to get content as NOW are... with the added benefit that there's a lot of high quality original new movies especially on Netflix and Disney+....  NOW are becoming rapidly irrelevant.  Add to that the afore-mentioned lack of ability to broadcast in 4K and Atmos, and £5 a month for basically 1080p but still 2.0 sound is ridiculous.


People will vote with their feet.   They really will.  I have.


The sad part is that if they had sorted out 5.1 quickly then id probably still be subscribing.... even stomaching the £5 boost pass.


One further thing - they seem to imply (though aren't saying) that they cant stream in 5.1 on the AppleTV - however since August 2021 live movies have worked perfectly fine in 5.1 - they are 5.1 although not labelled as such.  NOW refuse to acknowledge this.  It is clear that the app, as is, has been more than capable of the task of 5.1 sound for a while - so why cant they stream 5.1 from the on demand content which is where most people watch I imagine.

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@nst "so why cant they stream 5.1 from the on demand content which is where most people watch I imagine"


Could be Apple that don't want 5.1 Now on demand content on the AppleTV? I'b buy / rent fewer iTunes movies if Now on demand were 5.1. It's competition for Apple's own service.


I agree, as things stand, Now on AppleTV for movies is pretty pointless, even with Boost. Great for sport though as I watch all of that live (in 5.1).




not at all. 
why on earth would apple make a platform and then stop apps providing decent audio. 

there’s no excuse for NOW. 

If your argument was true then Netflix, DisneyPlus, Amazon prime would all be 2.0 stereo too. They obviously aren’t. 

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Everybody else: "Just use another device?"


Apple user: "But why should I?" (Stamps foot.)

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It's not an 'argument' it's a suggestion. Not even that, I put a question mark at the end.


It's an 'idea' possibly for discussion, only to be met with your too often 'why on earth' response. Thanks. An idea prompted by there seemingly being no issue with Now / Apple about Now streaming a linear TV service with 5.1, and that I don't see Apple wanting to move into linear TV. 


What's your explanation? We've had your: its a secret Now 12 month exclusivity deal with Amazon theory, which turned out to be incorrect. So what's your current theory? Now are just too stupid? Now just don't care? Now are doing it just to annoy you? Surely you accept that there is a reason? 


I'm past caring about Now movies on demand not offering 5.1 on AppleTV. See if you can get there yourself. I had 900mb FTTP installed 2 days ago and have just taken delivery of a 55" LG OLED C1. I'll not be watching much in 1080p, 5.1 or not.


hey @Hooba my word 'argument' wasn't supposed to indicate you arguing - far from it.  bad choice of word on my part - no need to take quite as much offence as you seem to.


I don't have an explanation - that's why im here contributing to the discussion.


Sure, I was very convinced that the restriction was artificial for the reasons I articulated along the way - and I was wrong.


The issue has no explanation.  NOW obviously aren't capable of providing a 5.1 soundtrack with their on demand content yet have no problem with Live.


I still have the proverbial bit between my teeth because of the assurances they gave throughout the beta trial then post implementation - those assurances have come to nothing.


That said, your enlightened zen-like viewpoint has merit - As I said ive cancelled boost and cinema pass and im unlikely to go back to it now.

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NowTV is obviously aware of the importance of 1080p and 5.1 audio, if the recent survey that I completed is anything to go by. I even added a comment stating that ATV boxes should be delivering 5.1 audio with the Boost pass, not that I think it will do any good.


I got the impression that Sky/Now were considering 4K delivery at the time of the survey, but things have changed with the release of Sky Glass and the streaming box. 


My guess is that the writing's on the wall for NowTV, which would explain (to a degree) the lack of investment, but there's clearly no excuse for the platform disparity. I really can't believe that it's not possible for Now to deliver 5.1 audio on ATV boxes, more a case of the script kiddies that they employ being pretty clueless, but ultimately, who knows?


I really want an ATV box, but whilst the NowTV app. is crippled Apple loose out, and so do Now/Sky, because I certainly won't add more packages to what I have. The Now app. on my LG TV is pretty braindead, but it's a bit better than the NowTV box that I have, which seems keen to lock-up at every opportunity, although that does offer a 50fs playback.


For some reason best known to Sky, the NowTV app. on Amazon Fire kit is the only really viable option outside of a so-called smart TV.


@Anonymous User 


Everything you say is spot on.


I would defend the AppleTV box as definitely the best streaming box out there... and, as annoying as NOW's attitude is when it comes to support.... I don't let the content of a single app (and latterly now just the entertainment pass) dictate my choice of streaming hardware.  Entertainment pass with 2.0 for me now... and you know what.. my 4K TV does a great job of upscaling anyway and to be honest I really cant tell the difference without the 1080p boost anymore.


Interesting points re the future.


NOW is the poor mans SKYQ - always has been... but thats now become a bit muddier with the release of Sky Glass which is Sky's streaming service (as is/was NOW) - but at a higher price... but you needed to buy a TV to watch it...

UNTIL... Sky announced recently in a rather obvious move that the Sky Glass puck thing will be sold separately from the summer thus opening up Sky Glass to far more potential customers... that said its still much more expensive to have Sky Glass as you need a base level subscription which is still more than a 9.99 entertainment pass.

AND... yesterday I believe Virgin media also jumped on the bandwagon launching a stand alone streaming box - the function of which confuses me but seems to be a slightly restrictive app based streaming service too - similar to Sky Glass.


So, Virgin Stream and Sky Glass do seem to have a significant overlap with NOW - though still being a distinctly different service but where this leaves NOW in the future is an interesting question.  Its worth mentioning that they both provide at least 1080p and 5.1 as standard (no surprise).


I fear that NOW will die a death.... slowly and painfully - apps on various hardware will be left to rot (as the original AppleTV app was for years) and eventually the only up to date app will be on the Firestick by which time many streaming customers will have naturally migrated to SkyGlass, Virgin Stream etc.

You have to ask yourself who are the customers of NOW... what is NOW aimed at... if the answer to that is people who want a cheaper service, and don't want a Dish... then isn't that now what SkyGlass and Virgin Stream is all about?


The app was updated the other day and it now has rounded corners on the boxes, perhaps to make it look more similar to Sky Glass?VK1ldPJ

 On a slightly unrelated note, registration is now open for the Apple TV Sky Go TestFlight.

INVITE Apple TV Sky Go Trial 


@Anonymous User 


What do you think is wrong with Now on Roku devices?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.