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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Here’s the announcement:


So maybe waiting for this to happen is what has been delaying “those missing things” that we tv users of NOW have been complaining about since pre-beta (but who knows!)

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Whilst I don’t own an Apple TV, I do own a few Apple products however. The announcement of Sky Go joining Apple TV as an app, really is a massive game changer. 
Definitely shows that they could be aiming to launch it on more “Smart TV” enabled devices. 

Like some have already said, this should be the kick in the back to get the NOW app fully functioning with 5.1 and all the bells and whistles!

Really they ought to be 1 streamlined version of the app across all of its Smart TV enabled devices it supports.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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What exactly is Sky Go as i've never been able get the full Sky package i just know it's something you get on full Sky and i guess Sky Glass as well.


Maybe they will also finally make a Sky Sports Box Office Apple TV app never quite got why Box Office has never had a proper TV app except on the NowTV sticks/boxes. They finally updated the Sky News app to one made this decade at least a month or so back.


But yeah Apple surely will want want a proper version of Now app full feature version on there Apple TV box if they are developing a Apple TV app for Sky Glass/Q. Maybe the Live Pause feature will finally work which they have advertised the Apple TV box having for months now and has never worked.

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At last - I long suspected this was the final hurdle to 5.1 Now on AppleTV. We'll find out soon enough.


BTW, I've still not seen any Now 5.1 content on my AppleTV, live or streamed.

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Sky Go works on PS4/PS5 and laptops.


Basically it allows you to stream the Sky content that’s part of your subscription from the app.

You can always get Sky TV and not bother with the box itself, which is what I did for a brief period.


Managed to find a list of the channels you can stream with Sky go.


It is effectively the bulked up channel version of NOW. 
However and I stress this, it’s only output at 720p and it’s adverts is worse than NOW. This I know as I borrowed a friends Sky go to watch something on Alibi and I gave up cause I might has well have watched it live with the number of adverts I had to watch.


The principle is definitely there. Although massive improvements are needed to make it a decent enough replacement. 


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hopefully this might encourage them to bring 4K to Now tv I'm not holding my hopes up though, but with the new Apple Tv it might make a certain amount of sense. I also hope that Picture in Picture on IOS devices might come to the Now TV app 




Not sure why - I can replicate it over and over.  Just pick a Movie with a 5.1 soundtrack... or at least one you are sure should have a 5.1 soundtrack, and go to the TV guide and stream it as live.


That always gives me a 5.1 sound stream (according to my Sonos system)...


However, If I choose 'watch from start' or pick that movie from the usual on demand section, then its strictly 2.0.




Don't hold your breath!


If its been hard enough to get 5.1 working imagine 4K and Atmos.


BUT, they will have to keep NOW as a separate entity and proposition to what is now Sky Glass.


Sky Glass seems to me to be basically the AppleTV app but for Sky's content and needing a subscription to use with the bonus of it being a 4K and Atmos stream (well Done Sky for catching up with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ who have been doing this for years).

You'll need the Sky Glass TV, and a minimum sub of £26 per month for the privilege.


Now is always the poor mans Sky.  They will always want to upsell you a Sky Glass £26 per month option and will entice you with the 4K and Atmos quality.


Now will always be at the low end, and we should think ourselves lucky that 1080p and 5.1 are a possibility but id be shocked if it ever became more - unless one day Glass and Now merge.


Remember its not a technical limitation... more a business decision. (much the same as the "missing 5.1" is on the current AppleTV app until December!)

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 Oh I'm aware it's a business decision but it might be that apple might push for it to become 4k as part of the deal 




No I disagree because Sky and Now are 2 distinctly different entities for the foreseeable future.


IF there is an agreement for Sky to leverage their content on Apple Devices then it will be focused on the afore-mentioned Sky Go app which is just an extension of the full-fat Sky/SkyQ subscription stuff.  Not Now.


Now will remain as it is.


If anything gets the gold standard treatment it will be the Sky Go app that will conceivably offer 4K and Atmos although it doesn't at the moment..


Technically ultimately Sky Glass could and should become just an app available on platforms the same as all other streaming is and the same in reverse that Apple do by developing an AppleTV app for other platforms to enable them to reach as many Apple TV subscribers as possible across as many platforms as they can.


So, although for Apple this is a good thing to get closer to Sky... I doubt that it will materially effect Now's offering HOWEVER they could, would, and should polish up that Now app as its embarrassing for Now to be so hamstrung on the Apple platform.  Now should be the best it can be on Apple, the same effort that has gone into the Firestick app.