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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I apologise, as I realise this topic isn't exactly for this tread as such....


but to those like me with TVOS15 TV app issues for iPlayer, it looks like they have officially acknowledged the problem as posted here


and therefore we can hope there is a fix forthcoming.

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Back on subject - when using through a TV app (as opposed to iPhone or iPad version) does anyone else have trouble with position syncing? For instance an episode shows on the Up Next queue but if I watch the episode it won’t register (and I therefore need to manually mark it as watched), or if I stop watching halfway through an episode

the Up Next queue doesn’t register that it’s part-watched: if I then resume the episode the NowTv app does remember position.  This is only an issue on the TV app, not iPad or iPhone version. 

@Simonpaddy1  yes but only sometimes (i.e. not with every episode of everything across all “sources”) and I haven’t been able to see a pattern that might explain why. So I’ve just given up and I mark episodes as played when it doesn’t happen automagically! I’m kind of exhausted by the constant, trivial misbehaviour of apps etc…

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I have given up with the Firestick i was debating it for a while because of Ads and layout but since i brought the 2021 Apple TV which fixed the issues over the old one i'm again behind it as the best Streaming Device for me at least. If they could finally fix the Now app with 5.1 it would be brilliant but if I want to watch a Movie on Now I can just use my PS5 for that.  Hopefully one day they fully fix the Now app. 


Reasons I left Apple TV

1. was due to lack of 4K support on BBC hopefully they one day fix that with the new one as it supports HLG now. But can put up without 4K on BBC as it's not overly common yet.

2. Now app not supporting 5.1 since I got my PS5 this is mitigated but since it at least sports 50FPS is supported I can put up with on the Apple TV for moment as it's rare I watch films on there.

3. BT Sports 60FPS 4K HDR i'm glad to say this one has been resolved with the new Box.

4. I forgot how much I liked TV App collecting all my watchlists pity netflix is still against that. 

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I find the best way to use NOW on the Apple TV with intergration is search the tv show your watching by Siri and you get a native view of all the episodes with a tick on what’s watched you also get better detail on release date etc , then click that episode and you just go straight into it on NOW no need to use their app interface at all 🙂

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It seems the app has a nice face lift today but sadly still no Pause Live TV or 5.1 Support.


I know its an annoying and repetitive topic in this thread..


But.. 5.1.    OK so how long has it been now since we "discovered" that the live TV feed via the AppleTV app was delivering 5.1?.... a couple of months?


So... as we've known now for a while that the app is technically capable of a 5.1 sound stream.... what on earth is the problem here for on demand content??  Why is it still stuck at 2.0 stereo??


Back to my theory... I mean.. its now October... just 2 months away from the app's rather inauspicious first birthday on the AppleTV platform.... and suspiciously that of the Firestick app too via the clandestine agreement between Sky and Amazon to share content etc...


Feels more like what ive been thinking all along.  The restriction of 5.1 is an artificial one.. and one that will miraculously be fixed after a contractually pre-determined time.... lets say 1 year.


5.1 incoming in December I think.  Oh what a coincidence that will be when we all celebrate the monumental technical achievement of the Now development team to crack the near impossible task of providing a 5.1 stream on their app ..... (as all the others have been doing for years).




I have tried this many times and works every time. Open live tv and you get 5.1 track. Then go to on demand and you will still get 5.1. 

if you close app and go straight to on demand only stereo. But switch to live tv and you will change back to 5.1. 

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I noticed as well that Sky has finally updated there Sky News app for Apple TV as well that thing hadn't been changed in years and was still more like a Apple TV 3rd Gen app then anything made in last few years. So clearly they have developers now unlike before haha.

Is anyone thinking the reason they haven’t is something to do with the new Sky Glass announcement.

A all in one solution that brings everything together without any other devices. All in large to stop the flow from its user base. It also supports Dolby atmos out of the box without another sound bar and I imagine Dolby vision?

I mean sounds like Apple TV but with a tv screen?

Just some food for thought.