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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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The Play/Fast Forward controls look like a hangover from the 1980s, & and the opening screen is now not even alphabetic, making search impossible - what an appalling app! I will now use your app as an example of mind-blowingly poor design, Well done! Have you had ANY positive feedback about it? 


Oh, my word word a horrible UI. I usually use the app on my TV to get 5.1 but I watched John Oliver yesterday as 2.0 is fine for that. Native pause & play on the remote doesn’t work?!


I can imagine the conversation in Now HQ


”I’m telling you, Keith, Apple don’t know a flip about software we go with our own UI show those Cali Boys how its done”

“What ya got in mind, boss?”

“Well get this… how do you pause video on the Apple TV remote?”

”With the pause button?”

“Exactly! But get this, wouldn’t it be a better user experience if you pressed select, and then when the big banner covers half the screen, you then highlight pause and press select again?”

“Er… but we’re sticking with pressing play for, well, play, right?”

“Of course not, Keith you idiot, the user has already been trained to use our simpler, select, hightlight, select protocol”

”Well… er… and how long is that banner going to stay on the screen after selecting, highlighting, and selecting?”

”The lads are still working on it, but definitely at least ten seconds”

”You’ve certainly earned your bonus this year, sir”

Love this 😂

But unfairness the pause does work once it’s got the banner and you can press menu to remove the banner earlier. Just don’t get why you have to swipe up to get the banner.

Also it’s more jarring for me as I use the homepod for pausing a lot of the time so not only does this not work the simple pause doesn’t work either
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For those interested I spoke to the trials manager for BT sport today-I sit on their trials team as well as now TV and yes thats right they actually reply to emails and we have regular useful dialogue as they are constantly thinking about improvements (see the news on their timeline release today) they told me they will be releasing 4K HDR for Apple TV as a server side update (so it will just happen) on the newer model Apple TV’s with Big screen subscriptions, no timelines yet so not sure it will be in time for CL final, so great for Apple TV users with BT Sport who have only had access to either HD HDR or 4K SDR but sadly further grows the gap between Bt and now 😞

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Interesting glad this is happening it makes it more tempting to get the new box but only when the Now app actually becomes good as Firestick 4K supports BT Sport 4K HDR.

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I was watching the F1 Race today on my PS5 I was surprised how good the app was with the media remote pity that the Apple TV app can’t be like it and the Firestick 

App update today (8 June 2021)


@Mark_Weinreb New RC arrived today. Very nice! Will be playing with it later…

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@dr_necessitor Enjoy!

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Anything new with the update.

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I haven't seen the new update. 


I've heard the new remote is good but until it works with the app [Plus 5.1] I won't be switching back to the AppleTV full time.