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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Ah, you’re right, just played something and it prompted to integrate. This was iOS on the kids pass. Thanks.
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Anyone think there is any chance the new Apple TV Remote jug wheel will work with the NowTV App. I am half tempted buy the new box even if it's a lot of money as it supports 4K 60 HDR FPS for BT Sports.

@Anonymous User Dunno, anybody’s guess really! Tempted to buy the new remote to use with my existing 4K, as it looks to have better controls than the original remote’s “fingertrackpad”.

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Im half tempted to buy the new 4K box for the remote and the 4K 60 HDR support but it would need have better support for the NowTV app to make it my main device again. Got so use to having a fast forward and rewind button. 

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Just had an email about the old now tv app being switched off as of the 27th may (read below)


At NOW, we’re dedicated to giving our members the best experience - which is why we’re thrilled to launch a brand new app on the latest Apple TV devices.

On 27 May, we’ll be switching off the old NOW app on Apple TV. We don’t want anyone missing out on entertainment - so here’s how you can keep watching.

I have Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K

Our new app is available to download from the App Store. We’ve improved your experience too - so you can find the entertainment you love faster.

(Already watching on the new app? You don’t need to do anything!)

I have a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV

The NOW app isn’t available on these devices - but you’ll find it on most Smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, plus on your desktop, mobile, tablet and more.

Want to find out more about the changes we’re making? Head to our dedicated help article.

The NOW Team


At NOW, we’re dedicated to giving our members the best experience”, but we’re unable to provide Apple TV users Dolby 5.1 sound, we’ve taken away the voice search facility, and we requires those of you with older Apple TVs to buy a new streaming box.


I wonder what a merely good experience would look like?

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No chance, surely. The ‘new’ app has done away with all the useful native capability (eg. skip 10 secs). 






Although the old app didn't support 5.1 the new one STILL doesn't.. and I just can't fathom why it flat out *CANT* when every other app on the platform manages the now ancient 5.1 abilities...


Also, anyone notice the email came today and they said its discontinued from.... TODAY... 27th.  Nice bit of notice there Now, eh.


Please pull your finger out and make the AppleTV app useable for boost subscribers and then you can take away dusty old apps.  Thanks.

Legend 5
Legend 5

@nst Your clock’s wrong.  Today is APRIL 27, and the app will be  discontinued on MAY 27. So you have 30 days notice, which is more than fair.

Scholar 3


Hi @nst 

It's May 27th the old app is discontinued,not today!!!