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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@dr_necessitor @Anonymous User 


Heres the thing...  you are both 100% correct and I agree wholeheartedly.


Im happy, and somewhat surprised to see TV integration and its made a huge difference to the apps usability in the context of the AppleTV box.


It is so nice to be able to have my Sky shows and movies in my main 'up next' queue along with all my other shows from BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Amazon Prime, Britbox, UKTV, and Disney+.  (COME ON NETFLIX STOP BEING SO STUBBORN).


Anyway, back on topic... as I have said before I am STILL unable to actually use the NowTV app due to stereo sound.


Quite right... 80's indeed.  How they think that we should put up with 2.0 sound from an app that co-exists on the same platform with ALL other apps that manage a MINIMUM of 5.1  (plus Atmos in some cases) is beyond belief.  This is Sky.. for goodness sake.... Sky MOVIES is their thing.. their USP... how can they possibly be happy providing that content in basic stereo sound??


I know, I know... some of you only have 2.0 sound systems or choose to not subscribe to boost and I get that - I know you are happy with it as is but for me.... im paying for boost and I therefore want a 5.1 soundtrack expecially where movies are concerned.


I too am fed up with the generic 'we are working on it' responses as I feel that this is not reasonable given the length of time the app was in beta.. the sheer amount of feedback I know they got from the testers wanting 5.1, and the fact it was promised as a 'soon' fix back when they released what we can respectfully call version 0.5 of the app back in December.


I would like a response from Now letting us know why this isnt included and when we can expect it.


I just don't get why its giving them problems... there must be another reason for it and its not a technical limitation of the platform of course.


Until then, as much as I am grateful for the unexpected and very welcome TV integration, I still simply cannot use the app and have to resort to the Firestick to get the content in the format that I am paying for.


Please, please, please Now... fix this.. Now.  Thanks 🙂 

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TV integration whilst many of us never thought it would happen, myself included is a very welcome addition. Does make me wonder if there is something new round the corner for Apple TV next week perhaps? Could the long awaited Sports tab finally be appearing in the UK in partnership with NOW?

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I can view Now content on my iphone through the apple TV app, but nothing on the apple tv app on my google TV stick, shame was it doesn't have the now app yet. 


Come on Now, sort it out! 

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This is a google tv integration issue something that won't happen until a NOW app for Google! Probably something that won't happen until Google TV is more in the market. It's got a very low market share at the moment as it's so new and Google being Google are rubbish at backdating old hardware. The Apple TV app on other devices doesn't offer integration only Apple TV+ and iTunes content, the same way it does on a Mac


Sorry @Anonymous User  that’s not going to happen.


The AppleTV app that Apple released for non-apple hardware (fire stick, etc etc etc) isn’t supposed to give the same experience you get on the AppleTV set top box.


It’s just an app to access your AppleTV+ content, and any iTunes movies and TV shows you own - that’s all.  It’s incapable of interfacing with the other apps that may or may not be present on that 3rd party platform and start to aggregate their content as it does on the AppleTV.


Want the full AppleTV TV app experience as you get on the AppleTV?  Well you have to get an appleTV for that 🙂 



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Thanks for quick reply, Def agree with you. 

I have a Sony TV that has the Now app, it will come to Google TV when more smart TV's have it hopefully. Still very shortsighted! 

Holding off for the new Apple TV box that's due in  the fall (or Tuesday of we are lucky!) 


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I’m considering selling my Apple 4K TV and returning to my Roku device.
I’ve brought my partner a Roku Streaming Bar for Xmas just gone and quite a
few apps have better features on the Roku platform. There is simply better
support and more regular updates.

For example when you choose any series or film on the Netflix app there is
an option for ‘More Like This’ And you can also scroll down a little bit
and see credits and more info like Director, Writer, Cast etc.

The Spotify app on the Roku box is significantly better as well. I’ve just
searched for David Lee Roth and I’ve got a choice of
1) popular songs
2) discography
3) appears on
and 4) fans also like option.

There is nothing like these options on the Spotify app on Apple TV. Why the
hell not!?

I just don’t understand why the Apple 4K TV device gets treated so poorly
when it’s meant to be a premium experience.
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@Anonymous User

I was wondering the same to be honest.

Is there going to be another box released next week and with Apple hiring the sports guy are they going to be adding the sports tab and has a deal been struck with Now? Seems strange that Apple intergration was just released and Apple have advertised it to users with pop etc.

If they just sorted the sound out then I would be more than happy with it, Apple intergration has already made it so much better for me already.

My other thought is with the rumours of TVOS 15 apparently having a live TV guide and the ability to record is this something that is going to include Now TV?
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@Anonymous User I very much doubt the Apple TV will ever have the ability to record at least not to the unit possibly to iCloud but it’s sold as a streaming box and not a Sky Q box. The live TV guide thing again, if any deal is struck with now I don’t think that will influence if we’ve get such a thing. The U.K. market is far too small for them to worry about that, better off keeping an eye on deals struck in the US. 

Again I’d be amazed if that was implemented into tvOS 15 or in the U.K., I think for tvOS 15 we are likely to get a refined UI its due a refresh. 

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@Anonymous User

Your probably right to be honest, I was just going from what I read in patently spoke about here patent the registered with the live MeV guide with the ability to record.

I must say when I see things in YouTube about the Apple TV in America I am envious with all the things they have etc. Shame we can’t get the same in the Uk with the sports tab etc

Don't get me wrong but I just don't understand the continuing obsession with a recording function.


This is a streaming box.  It uses catchup service apps and content streaming apps - anything you want to watch is available anytime (within reason).  Why do you need a 'recording' of something?


The AppleTV TV app is great for this.  It acts as a 'recording queue' in that once something has aired and available on the streaming app it appears on the TV app - isnt this the same as a recording being available?


I was an obsessive recorder.. for many many years using VHS tapes, then Sky+ (a revelation back then) and then TIVO and Sky Q.  They were all good for their time and recording was an essential aspect of my viewing.


Now that streaming has really come of age in both reliability and quality its a no brainer and so much cheaper than having an expensive virgin or sky sub.  To me, this is only made possible by the AppleTV TV app... without it id still be wanting to record as having to keep track on the latest episode availability across 9 and courting separate apps is impossible.


Now's recent inclusion of TV app integration has been a huge step up on usability and now its only Netflix who remain a hold out - but somehow I doubt they ever will join in sadly.




I thought I might have done away with the need to record on my Tivo by now, but using it does have one big advantage, the recordings won't suddenly disappear!


I like having lists of TV and films I want to watch (so I can dive in straight away to a pre-researched show etc) but some have been in there for so long that when you get to wanting to watch them, they aren't on that particular streaming service any longer. This happens with NowTV and Amazon, not sure about Netflix, I suspect they remove it from your list when it's no longer on there, but I prefer to know I have missed my chance for now and to look for it elsewhere. 

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Am I missing something, I can’t see TV app integration on tvOS or iOS?


What I can see is a promo section for NowTV, if you look in the setting page NowTV isn’t listed as connected. ITV etc. are listed. 

Therefore you won’t see anything in up next (integration). I only have a kids pass, refuse to pay for the entertainment one the app is so poor. The kids use their pass all the time, but the UI is different for kids. Anyway don’t see any kids stuff in up next, but wouldn’t expect to as the app isn’t shown as supporting it. 

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Tv App integration may be linked to this (if true):


Also if true, it may be the case that 5.1 is also on the way. As ever, time will tell ... depends on the deal etc etc

Scholar 2

For me integration popped up the first time I played something through the Now TV app - it then prompted me to integrate. 

I only have an entertainment pass, so can speak for how it would / wouldn’t work with a kids pass. 

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Ah, you’re right, just played something and it prompted to integrate. This was iOS on the kids pass. Thanks.
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Anyone think there is any chance the new Apple TV Remote jug wheel will work with the NowTV App. I am half tempted buy the new box even if it's a lot of money as it supports 4K 60 HDR FPS for BT Sports.

@Enapace Dunno, anybody’s guess really! Tempted to buy the new remote to use with my existing 4K, as it looks to have better controls than the original remote’s “fingertrackpad”.

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Im half tempted to buy the new 4K box for the remote and the 4K 60 HDR support but it would need have better support for the NowTV app to make it my main device again. Got so use to having a fast forward and rewind button. 

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Just had an email about the old now tv app being switched off as of the 27th may (read below)


At NOW, we’re dedicated to giving our members the best experience - which is why we’re thrilled to launch a brand new app on the latest Apple TV devices.

On 27 May, we’ll be switching off the old NOW app on Apple TV. We don’t want anyone missing out on entertainment - so here’s how you can keep watching.

I have Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K

Our new app is available to download from the App Store. We’ve improved your experience too - so you can find the entertainment you love faster.

(Already watching on the new app? You don’t need to do anything!)

I have a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV

The NOW app isn’t available on these devices - but you’ll find it on most Smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, plus on your desktop, mobile, tablet and more.

Want to find out more about the changes we’re making? Head to our dedicated help article.

The NOW Team


At NOW, we’re dedicated to giving our members the best experience”, but we’re unable to provide Apple TV users Dolby 5.1 sound, we’ve taken away the voice search facility, and we requires those of you with older Apple TVs to buy a new streaming box.


I wonder what a merely good experience would look like?