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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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So all updated but no new features added or anything that was promised.

Interesting though that when they announced it on there official LinkedIn page a lot of people criticised the fact that the apps were bad and I’m particular the Apple TV app. They didn’t respond to the comments but surely someone must see those and at least think to themselves.

Well, last night I manually updated the appleTV app... as it hadn't done so automatically.


This morning, there is a second update to the iOS version.  Thats the second in 2 days which means they released a version then had an emergency fix to roll out hence the second update.


I wonder whether there's a second update for the AppleTV app - I guess so given its looking like it might be universal.


Nice to think that release one is cosmetic.. release 2 is functional... however... I dont see this coming.


Funny to have that cosmetic update and nothing more.  Usually there's more to a rebrand than cosmetic in an attempt to lure more subscribers... but this is NOW (nee TV) and we know what they are like.

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I think the fact they have done this cosmetic change but not been willing pay for the Domain name says a lot lol. You don’t do a brand change and then keep everything on the old names website lol. 




To be honest I dont care less about changing an app icon of the colour of the background on the website or logos for Sky Cinema etc etc...  It ultimately means nothing.


That being said I must say the darker colour looks better especially when you have the NowTV app on the 'top row' - it doesn't fill the screen with garish yellow anymore - however Id prefer they actually used top row functionality and put content there like most other apps manage to.


This seems like a bit of a weird rebrand but has has no material change to the service which in itself is a shame and an opportunity lost.


No surprise that the 'favoured' app du jour.... i.e. the Amazon Firestick one also got the new lick of paint too.


read somewhere that is owned by a Hong Kong media entity.

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What’s funny is you normally sort the domain before changing name!

Couldn’t care less about this regal green paint job when I can’t listen to this overpriced content in anything other than stereo. 

the fact that you need to pay extra for a resolution that was made popular in 2007 is enough of an insult let alone the lack of 5.1. 

Really we should be getting UHD, HDR and atmos! 

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I’d love this to be true regarding HBO but I was doing a dig around online
and found that whilst HBO Max may come to Europe in 2021 It’s likely to
bypass the UK because HBO have recently extended their apparently very
lucrative deal with Sky until 2024.

I do hope I’m wrong.

Meanwhile I’m returning to NOW TV soon to see the bonus episodes of The
Walking Dead and maybe fit in that one series of Damian then I’ll be gone
again until the final season of The Walking Dead comes back. I will be
using the old app for this as it supports voice chat for skipping forwards
and backwards and supports the Apple remote properly.

My wife said the same about walking dead : thankfully they air before my passes run out.


I think most will be wait and see with how it develops but considering the fact that it has gotten expensive to be a cord cutter people are going to have to be selective and I think NOWTV are short sighted to think it’s just about content as every service will have great content but that’s up to them.


In another note had a response from NowTV about me cancelling because of the above and the response totally ignored what I said and just tried to say stay with us because of the amount of content we have 🤷‍♂️.

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Content that’s impossible to find due to a poor app, no ratings and no recommendations. And lack of continue watching working correctly.