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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Its good you told them... not that it will make much difference but we can only hope that the terrible half baked app they delivered will be updated.  

At the risk of repeating myself again and again (yes I know I am).. I totally agree with you that boost should be boost... and support all aspects if you charge the £3.  Leaving out 5.1 is appalling.






interesting thing I noticed today.....



Maybe this should be a different thread... but I was surprised....


I watched the Jack and the Beanstalk thing today... using the Firestick.. which I know the 5.1 works fine on.. or at least it HAS worked fine on.

The show was marked as 5.1... and yet... it was 2.0 (I have a Sonos system and I can see easily via the app what sound is being sent to the speakers).


So... this is something ive noticed before.  Of course the AppleTV app is not 5.1 ... but it seems not all shows labelled as 5.1 actually are 5.1 even on devices we thought were ok with boost.


NowTV this is simply inexcusable.  You label things as 5.1 and yet provide a 2.0 soundtrack.


Getting 5,1 supplied on the AppleTV seems to be only the tip of the iceberg here - as are we so sure that 5.1 is actually being provided on platforms that we are normally sure it should be and therefore not checking... because it isn't.



Definite trades description issue here if we are paying for boost and not getting the advertised service.

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I have also cancelled my entertainment pass even though I was already on an

I left feedback for why I was leaving.
I said you are treating your Apple TV customers with nothing but contempt.

The main reason I said was because of no native support for the Apple TV
remote control & no voice support.

I also had a good moan about the service only providing stereo sound and
720p picture yet asking £9.99 for this.

I said I will now be spending my money on your competitors superior
services which actually cost less than NOW TV but still managed to offer
superior sound and picture.

Personally I can't understand why they are happy to lose paying customers
and what I have said probably won't make any difference but I had to say my
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Surely lack of voice support could be covered by the disability discrimination act, as this exists on the device but they don’t offer it. Just throwing ideas out here.
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One can only think the revenue they get from nowtv is not that much. As you say cancel by all means but will it make a difference. Whoever runs the development side of things at Nowtv needs replacing or maybe the whole team. A lot of people on here wasted 8 months giving feedback for the App only for them to wheel out this hunk of junk App. And what makes it worse is the firestick App was released a week later and is far Superior. The ATV box is a great device and completely better than the firetv stick or tv.

@nst Definitely getting 5.1 via Roku Streaming Stick+ on our Sonos system




And for me definitely not getting 5.1 from Firestick for that particular show.


Sometimes it works.  sometimes it doesn't. 


No wonder they can't get it to work at all on the AppleTV!

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Don’t know if anyone else uses a HomePod for there sound on ATV but I have to say it isn’t that bad to be fair, don’t know if the HomePod does anything to upscale the sound but it’s definitely useable, and for the sake of being shot down, I completely agree with what everyone else is saying

@Anonymous User 


Homepods sound great.

A Stereo pair of HomePods are expensive... but very great!


In fact.. a lot of 'augmented' sound systems (those that replace the twin speakers from generally awful sounding TVs) sound amazing.


However most of them, including the HomePods only really output 2 channel sound.


Even if you have a slightly more expensive Sonos Beam (great device by the way) or the way more expensive Arc.. they still really sound "the same" given a 2.0 signal or a 5.1.  Its only when you place physical speakers behind you AND get a true 5.1 signal that they sound amazing.  I think that even if you have one of those soundbars that have a virtual rear speaker setup.. (which I never really believe works well sorry) you still just wouldn't be able to hear the lack of a true 5.1 soundtrack in these.


For this reason I totally see why a lot of NowTV's customers are perfectly happy with the 2.0 stream as it sounds great in the majority of systems out there.


Heck.. even in my super duper Sonos Arc with rear surrounds the 2.0 sounds good as my system will distribute some sound to the rears even if its only 2.0.  Although sound does seem to be coming from behind you at all times.. there is still a big difference when you get a proper 5.1 or atmos soundtrack.


This is what we are paying for in Boost.. and NowTV are seemingly failing to deliver even though they say they are.


Whats most interesting about this... given what I just said about a lot of speakers sounding great and even the rears getting some sound... unless you physically check the sound output signal (via the Sonos app, or a display indictor on the sound bar), you might even be forgiven for thinking it was 5.1.  Maybe Sly Sky are counting on this.




I make no apologies for the fact it irritates the hell out of me that I am paying for a boost subscription.... being told I have 5.1 sound via the labels on the content... and yet I can prove that they simply aren't.  (im not talking about the appleTV app here - ive seen this on the new Firestick app and also my LG TV built in app too)

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Yes fully agree  there @nst. I previously had a sky hd box in my room along with a sound system so always knew when I was getting surround sound. Sadly as you say the majority of people are just happy with 2.0 sound. Only time they will experience true sound is at the Cinema. As a last suggestion have you thought about contacting Jeremy darroch regarding this. Can not lose anything in the process.