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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I found out by accident new now tv app.  How can sky make something worse than a five year old app. I know others said same thing. 

Video Scrubbing  gone

app iPhone integration for keyboard gone for typing for search

its slower

UX is shocking design mehh

no Apple TV integration for now next

and that’s the start after 5 mins of play. 


I’ll give it a go. But not impressed sky. 1 out of 10 bad effort. 


I'm far from happy with the NowTV app. on my LG TV. I have no idea why we have to put up with 25fs. I'm giving serious consideration to a new Sony XH9505 TV early next year, once the Christmas/New Year has passed, in part because the app. on Sony TVs seems fully sorted. That's not the only reason of course, but it's a factor.


Coming back to the app. on ATV boxes, I don't see anything changing. We've collectively waited this long for a half-baked offering. Sky clearly don't want to invest any more time and effort in app. development. What's up for grabs is, I strongly suspect, all that's going to be available for some years hence.

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That’s why am sticking with the five-year-old app. I can voice search,
scrub through content quickly and I can even ask Siri to skip forwards or
backs as far as I like.

You can even hold the Siri button and and say “what did he/she just say and
it’ll skip back.

I’m also getting Dolby surround from the now TV app. I have a Denon 2200
Atmos amp and it gives me very good Dolby surround sound from a stereo
signal. I was watching Penny Dreadful, season 3 ep 4 and received some
really decent sound.

Not having 5.1 but advertising it should be a trades description issue
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I’m going to finish up a couple of shows like Raised by Wolves and Tin Star
Liverpool Then I’ll be cancelling my entertainment pass even though I am on
a offer until March. Not fully supporting the Apple remote has pretty much
killed this new app for me.

I’ll just want to see the last season of The Walking Dead and I know
someone who can get hold of that for me. I have no issue with paying for
the content I want to see but now TV are treating this customers with
nothing but contempt.
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When the last season of The Walking Dead was available, only 3 episodes had 1080p and 5.1 - all of the rest were 720P 2.0. Which is why I didn't watch it. I'm struggling to find a rational explanation for that ....


Anyway - I managed to pick up a HomePod mini from the Apple store this afternoon. Very impressive device. My 'other' AppleTV isn't plumbed in to a 5.1 sound system, but I'll have a go at Airplaying the AppleTV NowTV app on to the HomePod mini this evening.


As an aside - I've already tried AirPlay to the HomePod from the NowTV player on my MacBook ..... disappointing doesn't quite cover the experience. The sound is running a full 3 seconds behind the picture. Netflix and the AppleTV app on my Mac Aitplay brilliantly though. 

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What’s funny is all issues mentioned with the new app were fed back in the beta. They then ignored, because how could the end user know what they want!



I do wonder what the point of the Beta test was.   A pure box ticking exercise.


it went on for 8 months and yet there was only one material update after a few weeks which solved a few major issues... but everything else fed back to them was basically ignored by the development team.


What was the point of that?  I know as beta testers we werent really testing anything but we were all told quite soon after to stop telling them about boost as they knew about it and it was being addressed along with AppleTV TV app integration.  It was obviously getting on their nerves that we kept telling them.


Anyway, fast forward.. (well as a beta tester there was no 'fast' about it) - 8 months later and they released a version without full boost capability and no TV app integration.  This is is complete contraction to the assurances we got that this was being included.  Sorry but boost without 5.1 doesn't count 🙂 


Whereas im pleased to finally see a new version... as many have said its actually worse in some ways than the old one... and far from a coherent useful app.  Had they have done what they promised and released it fully featured, boost supporting, and TV app integration included.. the app would have gone a long way to being great.

I just hope that if it is a universal app, that changes will be made soon and get it bought up to spec quickly.  Something is better than nothing at this stage.



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Yes I agree. Now firstly a couple of points my tv which is an LG LW450U yes it’s a good 6 or 7 years old but am I right in thinking it’s still supported. I believe certain LG Models are not. I’m due for a TV upgrade but that won’t be till January. Believe it or not this Tv has a cracking picture. My second point was with regards to the hompod mini would this support Bluetooth through the ATV or not.  Finally I just checked the latest versions on the ATV and the Nowtv box. ATV running 6.3.6. Nowtv running 6.3.4 on the smart 4k box. Thanks. 


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Just seen this today I’ve just installed it on my firetv looks pretty good. Finally though this is a welcome Addition.


Is it the full package? Do you get full Boost support and access to all the NowTV services, or is it just sports? I read about this in today’s Business section of the Daily Telegraph. If it is the full package then I can use a FireTV stick as my go-to streaming device, as it will offer all of the services that I’m after — Amazon Video, Netflix AppleTV and NowTV, all in at least HD with 5.1 audio. Fingers crossed!


It’s certainly a slap in the face for those ATV users that still don’t have a full Boost service, assuming that the Amazon version does.