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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I would disagree with you "ready on one go" analogy.


Boost is marketed and advertised as 3 things.  Multi Stream, HD, 5.1.


A Boost supported device should support all 3.


Whats the point of showing movies in HD with only 2 channel stereo sound.


IF they decided that Boost is a tiered offering, then the pricing should be tiered too.  We should be expected to pay full price when one of the three components is missing.. (and an important one at that)


I wonder if the lack of 5.1 support at the moment is a capacity issue, and has been done on purpose to throttle the bandwidth until it can be rectified?  I believe there was a similar issue on the YouView platform initially (where they had to stop 50fps transmission on live sports).  I'm not sure if separate servers supply different platforms or not.


The only reason this crossed my mind is that I have noticed the picture quality dropping for a few seconds a couple of times during movie playback.  I never noticed this during the beta trials, and it's not a device or broadband issue as I've streamed 4K HDR movies (with DD+) via the Apple TV app without issue before and after the Now TV stream.  Just a thought..




Possibly... and I guess we won't know the difference between space required for 2.0 vs 5.1.


However, that suggests that they totally underestimated the demand for an AppleTV app and how many users would download it.


But if this were true, you'd have seem them release 5.1 from day one then rapidly withdraw it once they realised they had a problem.


i doubt from day 1 there are enough AppleTV customers out there that would cause such concern.



I always come back to wondering why they are embarrassing themselves releasing a boost add-on which only supports 2.0 stereo sound on its flagship movies service.  Who wants 2.0 nowadays?

More embarrassing is whether they like it or not they share the streaming space in the UK with other companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ - and they all seem to manage not only HD and 5.1, but 4K and Atmos too.


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I’ll be telling them when I leave soon what the reasons are and for me
it’ll be no native support for the Apple TV remote & no voice search.

Regarding boost my issue is that we shouldn’t be having to pay for it at
all. The film package is already £12 a month and The entertainment package
£10 and I refuse to pay anymore or use the film service at all without 5.1
sound being included as standard no matter how many offers they send me.

Out of all the streaming services that I use I can’t believe there is one
that I actually resent paying for due to what feels like contemp from

Rant over for now.
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I agree, whenever I pay money to NowTV resent it too.
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the new updated is worse than the old version. Voice search work don that!, The continue watching is nice but does not actual work, as it show the last episode I actually watched, and it restarts from the beginning and not where you stopped it. ITV and BBC free apps work!!!
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A Boost stream uses just under 8Mb - irrespective of whether 2.0 or 5.1. So it's nothing to do with capacity / bandwidth.

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Continue watching was a known issue in older beta builds, last time I tried it was better but far from reliable. Sums up Now TV really.

I said before add a reliable continue watching to the old app and it would be way better!
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I am quite happy with the new app, and not bothered whether the sound is 2 or 5.1.




@Anonymous User 


Genuinely happy for you... but I guess you werent / aren't / will never be a boost subscriber - and that's fine.  If you are watching on a TV or device with only 2 speakers then it does the job perfectly well.. and why would you care?  I can see why not.


Non boost subscribers are who the current App is aimed at right now.  Its prettier and in some ways but not others more functional than the old one.


As much as It doesn't bother you.. there are some of us (many perhaps but I don't want to assume the majority) with a boost subscription who enjoy movies in HD and 5.1 (and that's significantly LOWERING expectations compared to pic and sound available on other services available on the AppleTV) - and we would rather like to be able to enjoy content as such and not have to still resort to other streaming sticks / boxes / TV apps in order to experience it.  The appleTV is a great box - very technically capable, and just astonishing that "simple" 5.1 cannot be implemented by NowTV.

And more astonishing that NowTV clearly think that implementing boost-lite and leaving off the sound and charging the same is acceptable.  It isn't!